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In order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive security services available, the Criminal Intelligence Administration has established the Strategic Services Division. This division encompasses a variety of specialized organizations designed to enhance our protection capabilities. All services offered are available throughout the continental United States and abroad. The following is a brief outline of the specialties offered:




The aviation unit of the SSD provides our clients with a host of aviation services. Our contractors specialize in performing both passenger and cargo transports. Operating in remote areas under difficult situations our contractors have acquired extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to clients facing a wide variety of transportation challenges. Operating on a global scale, contractor personnel have provided services for the United States Government, United Nations and corporate America. Through their extensive inventory of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters they have provided operational support for executive protection, aerial surveillance and flight training exercises. Operational centers are located throughout the continental United States and within every geographic region of the world.





The Criminal Intelligence Administration maintains a network of highly trained K-9 teams available for worldwide projects. Our contractors offer professional units for the following applications:


. Personal protection                    . Explosive detection

. Residential community patrol           . Industrial security

. Home/business protection               . Police/law enforcement

. Narcotic detection                     . Executive protection

. Perimeter defense                      . Inspection services






The technical surveillance countermeasures bureau maintains alliances with certified engineers specializing in counter-surveillance applications. Contractual engineers will conduct a detailed threat assessment of your particular vulnerability, conduct physical searches of targeted areas, and perform a comprehensive analysis of electronic threats present within the designated area. As a prerequisite for inclusion within this bureau an organization must maintain and continually upgrade their existing inventory of state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. In addition, all team members are required to participate in training sessions outlining present and future threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures.





Through a unique international consortium of physicians and allied health professionals, the Criminal Intelligence Administration offers clients a proactive and complete program for casualty prevention, medical treatment and evacuation. Contractual, combat proven medical doctors and support staff provide executives, government officials and international travelers with immediate access to medical care. Uniquely configured to mission and contingency plan requirements, these professionals are invaluable to executive protection teams. The following is a brief overview of operational projects performed by the medical support teams:


. Hostage rescue operations              . Overseas travel/tours

. Executive protection                   . Disaster scenes

. High-risk warrant service              . HAZMAT incidents

. International humanitarian missions    . EOD/demolition 

. Remote area expeditions                . NBC response exercises 

. Evacuation/critical care transport     . Witness protection





The investigation unit of the SSD specializes in gathering accurate intelligence for complex investigations. Organizations are selected based upon their particular investigatory specialty. The unit encompasses such specialties as criminal, legal, corporate and matrimonial. The following is a brief synopsis of services offered:


. Background investigations            . Due diligence

. Surveillance operations              . Fraud/malfeasance

. Corporate profiles                   . Litigation support

. Asset searches                       . Trade secret theft

. Drug screening                       . Employee dishonesty

. Interview and interrogation          . Arson/cause and origin

. Psychological profiles               . Database searches

. Forensic analysis                    . Polygraph administration

  - Audiotapes                         . Accident reconstruction

  - Videotapes                         . Insurance adjustment

  - Computer systems                   . Workers' compensation

  - Questioned documents               . Missing persons





The Criminal Intelligence Administration has established alliances with premier organizations specializing in the patrol services sector of the security industry. Through our alliances, clients benefit from highly motivated asset protection professionals recruited from law enforcement, military and government agencies. These individuals undergo extensive background investigations, psychological screening, drug testing and polygraph examinations. In addition, personnel receive comprehensive protection officer training, medical training and continual briefings on current threat conditions. The following are typical contractual projects in which officers have been assigned:


. Residential communities                . Transit systems

. Apartment buildings                    . Court systems

. Retail stores                          . Embassies

. Colleges/universities                  . Airlines

. Financial institutions                 . Marinas

. Office buildings                       . Hospitals

. Public facilities                      . Special events

. Prisoner transfers                     . Labor strikes





The political office of the Criminal Intelligence Administration's SSD provides a unique variation to the typical corporate training session. Through alliances with nationally recognized firms, our organization can provide high profile speakers capable of maximizing session effectiveness.





Through our extensive network of organizations providing specialized linguistic services, clients have access to certified document translation and voice interpretation professionals. These professionals provide the services necessary for foreign investment, government document filings and communicating with overseas business partners. Currently our contractors provide services for 140 of the worlds languages.





The economic intelligence bureau of the SSD provides up-to-the-minute intelligence on the creditworthiness and economic stability of countries around the world. Used in concert with our political risk assessments, this service provides a well rounded view of the target country's future. Clients wishing to participate in direct foreign investment find this service invaluable. The following illustrates a sample of economic measurements included within the analysis of target countries:


. Economic size and growth           . International indebtedness

. Income per capita                  . Trade performance

. Consumer price changes             . Exchange rate

. Population                         . Fiscal responsibility 





Our strategic alliance with world renowned fire professionals provide clients with access to highly qualified engineers specializing in the science of fire protection. The fire protection team offers consulting and design services to include:


. Fire detection and alarm systems   . Building code review

. Automatic sprinkler systems        . Accessibility audits

. Gaseous extinguishing systems      . Litigation assistance

. Fire protection plans              . Timed exit analysis

. Water supply/surge analysis        . Barrier evaluation

. Specification/cost development     . Fire investigations

. System review/evaluation           . Fire/life safety training





The crisis management unit of the Criminal Intelligence Administration's Strategic Services Division provides international travelers with a variety of insurance and response services. Operating on a multinational scale, our contractors provide the following:


. Emergency medical evacuation       . Overseas medical insurance

. Political evacuation coordination  . Kidnap/ransom insurance

. Pharmaceutical/medical equipment   . Hostage negotiation

. Replacement medication             . Lost document replacement

. Hospital deposit guarantee         . Legal assistance services

. Replacement cash/credit cards      . Family notifications





A worldwide network of professional, courteous and knowledgeable executive chauffeurs staff the ground transport services section of our Strategic Services Division. Our network provides clients with  detail oriented career drivers with executive protection experience. Armored and standard vehicles are impeccably maintained throughout their service period. Vehicles incorporated within this section, luxury town cars, deluxe stretch limousines, buses or executive vans, have amenities such as color TV's, DVD players, cellular telephones, personal computers and facsimile machines. Currently, contractors operate in 350 cities throughout the continental United States and abroad.


In addition to the above outlined services, the ground transport services section maintains alliances with organizations specializing in counter-terrorist driver training. Chauffeurs employed by executive level professionals are trained in the following:


. Slalom exercise                 . Tire pressure applications

. Breaking and turning            . Speed and reaction times

. Anti-lock breaking systems      . Vision and weather conditions

. Evasive maneuvering             . Executive specific vehicles

. High speed backing              . Problem/situation recognition

. Night driving operations        . Evasive safe havens

. J-turn techniques               . Drivers responsibility

. Reacting to a vehicular attack  . Basic vehicle security

. Vehicle dynamics                . Terrorist case studies

. Braking/steering relationship   . Performance evaluations



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