Company Profile

The Criminal Intelligence Administration continues to serve a broad base of clients worldwide. Clients include corporate America's Fortune 500 companies, commercial office buildings, residential housing complexes, small businesses and individuals. Our proven record of reducing corporate vulnerabilities along with innovation and attention to detail has led us to the forefront of the security consulting field.


Established in 1987, this organization maintains its headquarters within the confines of Queens County, New York. Originally established to provide services within the realm of crime prevention and liability reduction, the Criminal Intelligence Administration expanded its focus to include counterterrorism shortly after the downing of Pan Am 103 on December 21, 1988. The May 1990 issuance of the report entitled "Report of the President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism" indicated the need for aviation security reform as well as private sector input on terrorist related incidents.


Throughout the history of the United States there has been a relentless pursuit by individuals attempting to acquire corporate trade secrets. Foreign governments, corporate competitors and individuals routinely attempt to obtain the competitive edge by acquiring information both through legal and illegal means.


In 1991 the Criminal Intelligence Administration expanded services to include counterintelligence. When approached by a small manufacturing company wishing to enhance their trade secret protection program, our organization's counterintelligence professionals provided a comprehensive plan designed to reduce our client’s vulnerability to industrial espionage.


While maintaining and continuously strengthening our core mission of protecting entities from criminal threats, we have evolved into a full-service consultancy.


Our specialization in counterterrorism, counterintelligence and operational security management have protected entities from a variety of traditional as well as non-traditional enemies. The incorporation of specialties provides a well-rounded approach to client specific security situations.


The following outline is offered as an overview of our organization:


The Criminal Intelligence Administration is a professional security consulting firm specializing in counterintelligence, counterterrorism and operational security management.


The Criminal Intelligence Administration is not a security manufacturer or vendor and we do not represent security products. We maintain the objective detachment that is characteristic of a professional consulting firm.


Our organization maintains a premium counterintelligence and counterterrorist contractual staff. Our individuals have uncompromising executive management experience. While serving within such organizations as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the United States Secret Service, they have continuously demonstrated achievement levels far exceeding government standards. Client project requirements are carefully matched with individual experience to maximize output results.


The Criminal Intelligence Administration also maintains a contractual staff of executive level security practitioners with extensive managerial experience throughout a multitude of industries. Our executive security practitioners are assigned to projects based upon their unique specialties and provide valuable insight on the impact of security procedures on company operations.


The Criminal Intelligence Administration maintains strict and uncompromising standards of integrity. This standard is ensured   by United States Government policies and procedures outlined in   the issuance and maintenance of security clearances. Most of our contractual staff possess a Top Secret/SCI clearance.


Mr. Timothy M. O'Brien, CPP, our principal consultant, has over thirty-four years of experience in corporate security management. His specialty is providing services within the commercial and residential property arenas. His experience has made him a frequently sought speaker at security seminars and training programs. He has been actively involved in all phases of security management operations to include feasibility studies, functional design of security systems and liability reduction strategies.

Protection Services

The Criminal Intelligence Administration offers consulting and field services for basic or complex security issues required by government, industry, public utilities, property management and commercial facilities. These services can be provided for existing or new facilities both within the continental United States and abroad. The following is a partial list of areas in which we have security consulting expertise:



   - Current intelligence/threat briefing

   - Current terrorist threat assessment

   - Commercial and residential audits

   - Saferoom procurement and design

   - Executive protection services

   - Contingency planning

   - Disaster recovery planning

   - Crisis management exercises

   - Security penetration exercises

   - Vital area analysis

   - Vital area barrier studies

   - Vehicle barrier studies

   - Hostage negotiation



   - Current geographic terrorist/crime intelligence        

   - Transit security recommendations

   - Airport security issues

   - Hotel crime issues

   - Public/private transportation concerns

   - Civil unrest/disobedience avoidance

   - U.S. and foreign terrorism policies

   - Target avoidance/counter-surveillance procedures

   - Hijack/kidnap survival

   - Rescue operations survival

   - Overseas crisis planning

   - Child safety/security

   - International law enforcement interaction

   - Relocation/intercultural assimilation



   - Counterintelligence threat briefing

   - Current threat assessment services

   - Counterespionage surveys and audits

   - Information security; policy and procedure manuals

   - Electronic threat vulnerability assessment

   - Computer vulnerability assessment

   - Communications security

   - Encryption standards and implementation

   - Document/media destruction techniques



   - Security surveys and audits

   - Security plans and procedures

   - Contingency plans and procedures

   - Vendor qualification

   - Procurement services

   - Policy and procedure manual preparation

   - Departmental audits and assessments

   - Personnel recruitment and selection

   - Post instructions and procedure preparation

   - Security force scheduling

   - Public safety newsletter preparation

   - Radio motor patrol procedures

   - Criminal statistical analysis and preparation

   - Liability studies and reduction

   - Incident response management

   - Conversion studies

   - Departmental image and morale assessments

   - Crime reduction strategies

   - Integrity control operations

   - Management outsourcing solutions

   - Cost control studies and programs

   - Police crime prevention program management



   - Security officer certification courses

   - Peace officer certification courses

   - Emergency medical certification courses

   - Force training and qualification

   - Response team training

   - Security motivational exercises

   - Liability realization exercises

   - Advanced operational training

   - Executive protection courses



   - Fundamentals of Security

   - Residential Burglary Prevention

   - Child Proofing Your Home

   - ATM Security

   - Safety on the Information Superhighway

   - Safety for the Elderly

   - Commercial Burglary Protection

   - Stay Safe: Robberies and Violent Crime

   - Stay Safe: Rape and Sex Crimes

   - Stay Safe: Protecting Our Children

   - Customized "short" sessions available



   - System requirements analysis

   - System design descriptions

   - Technical bid specifications

   - System integration

   - Installation specifications and procedures

   - Site acceptance test procedures

   - System maintenance procedures

   - Alarm station and console design

   - Computer facility protection

   - Bullet resistant enclosures and protective barriers



   - Planning and scheduling

   - Cost estimates

   - Quality control

   - Cost accounting

   - Start up testing

   - Security system maintenance